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A Chill in the Air

It was an off grey over most, such that you would almost think brown on a cloudy evening. The sort of evening though where the clouds gave way to the moon.
The eyes were blue.
On the second day, I named her Sam, just in case.
As a rule, Cats are Girls, and I figured Sam was, too. But you can never be too sure and have to watch them a bit before you decide.

She had looked up at me from my blue cloth chair on that second day the same as the first. I looked back down at her on the first day the same as I had on the second, and locked my door.
I did not kick her though. Or say, 'shoo cat' as I might normally. She seemed to belong there, on the porch, on the blue fold-out chair.

On the night of the second day, it was canned chicken that had to do. She still looked off grey rather than brown.
Sam didn't seem to mind that it was not tuna. She apparently hadn't eaten for a while. After several mouthfulls and rapid chewing, she stepped away and put her back too it.
Then gave a look as I went to pick it up.
"Just don't wanna look like a pig eh?"
Sam was a Girl.
I set the bowl back down and left it to be finished in my absence.
Sam, along with the food, was gone when I came back out.
"See you tomorrow, Sam," I said to the air.


Queenie said…
Sam is a fine name.
I would say more but my cat wants to sit on the keyboard.

cbeck said…
Unless a last minute decision on my part, I think it was three added, rather than two.
Queenie said…
It was 2.
But I could make it 6 if I wanted.
So there.


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When I was in Ottawa, abandoned and enthralled,
breathing in the
heat waves shimmering off the people
and the cats
and that lazy raccoon that I later named Mondrian in my mind
after I saw my first one,
I did not look for you.
Nor in the malls, the halls,
the magazines, in the new towns,
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I've been sold, I've been sold, I've been sold, I'm being sold-out
It is torture but
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I've been sold, I've been sold, I've been sold.
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Every word
known to man
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Fresh snow
Our footprints mark us
You are here!
I am here!
We are here!
Turn your face upwards
Let falling snow rest on your eyelashes
(dream of me)
Let the white melt on your outstretched tongue

It's spring.
Just one word.

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