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Red Rover

She lay stretched on the couch, two pillows to prop up her feet, for three days. She never changed her clothes. Just wore her blue jeans and a pink t-shirt. Her bare feet and a pale face. She never seemed to move; except her mouth. "If you are hungry, make sandwiches for you and your sister."
Tommy would ask her if she were sick and she would say things were fine. Everything is alright.
But at night Tommy could not sleep because he heard her crying.
"Goddamn you, Chet, Goddamn you..."

The sunlight bursting through the leaves prevented Tommy from looking up. It was just as well, looking up only reminded him that he could not climb a tree. Instead, sitting on his shadowed hillside perch,straight in his line of vision, Tommy saw some of the other recess children who were with joined hands, holding up those who ran away from the blacktop with their arms.

Tommy ran home from school.
He did not walk with Mirko.
He figured Sissy would likely be starving by now, just lik…