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Catch it...!
The sound of distant rocket ships
That pushing out of air,
tastes like the fresh spring dew,
the rainbowed bubbles float across
my line of vision and into the sunshine.
My nose wrinkles up until
I close my eyes, the pure and simple of it all,
I dance on air. It's joy, I shout,
You must come along too.
For you see, it is the light in your eyes,
The lines around your smile,
which enrapture me so.
I like you, my friend
my love,
my lost one.
I flirt with my eyes
so that you may allow me to kiss the hollows
of your cheeks with my fingertips,
like I am blind, unhesitating,
and bewitched by what I have always known.

Too many nights, not enough days

Before she can return home for the day , Ella must return her book to the library and pick out a new one. It is a weekly requirement for this semester's Literature Class, a book a week, reports due no later than 16:00 on Fridays. She is tired and just wants to go home, curl up in her bed and put on some mindless show and forget that today ever was. It has not been a good day. Too many hours spent with classmates she did not like, preparing their final presentation on recent advancements to the Heim theory. A terrible test return of 57% percent in her algorithms class. The people she worked for giving her notice, they would be moving at the end of the month, at the end of her shift. Nevermind waking up from that whole weekend spent with Matt. Again.
The library, for the most part, is still the domain of the university student, though it reamins open for those who like to read real books, newspapers and magazines from past times. As she waits her clearance to enter the building, she…

Call it the blues

All the pens in my house suck. All the ones I like have run out of ink and I tore a page out of my current notebook and it ruined the binding and it can no longer be written well in, so I decided to make a trip to the Dollar Store. The place has a wide selection of pens, but finding ones with blue ink is a chore, even there. I settled for a pack of mostly rainbow coloured ones because it had two with the ink I prefer. I wanted to find a notebook with a hard cover and this is the first notebook I saw. It laid upside down and I smiled when I turned it over and read the words. I stopped smiling when I grabbed the next book and the next book and the next book in the same pile to see what other song quotes I might find. But while they were all the same colour, the rest had blank covers. Nothing at all written on them.
Go ahead.
Explain that one.

cookies, coincidences and confirmation bias

A Few Days Before

The vehicle is going 80 kilometres the road, when the song comes on and she has not heard it in awhile. It used to be downloaded into her old phone, but she broke that one last summer when she tried that horrible Training for a 5K Run experiment she found in some health app that came installed on the phone. At least she walks a kilometre faster than 95% of others who used the app, so it tells her, but maybe she should just wait a summer or two before trying the whole running thing again. She also suspects that the fun fact is a lie to make her feel good. Regardless, when the new phone was delivered, she thought "None of him. Not right now. Not today" and downloaded other stuff.
Today she is happy to hear the song. Happier to sing along with the man; his voice is not so good either. Okay. Hers is horrible. She probably shouldn't sing. Ever. But this is a nice song to sing. A perfect song to sing. It is exactly the song to sing.
She looks over at the fore…


She read somewhere that most people dream in black and white, but no one she knows has ever agreed with this. She dreams in colour too, just like they all say they do, but now, after that night, she wonders if she really does. Maybe she is the one who applies colour to the screen in her head without her mind really having anything to do with it. Maybe something everyone now does simply because of television. Sometimes she wishes she could slip into the body of someone from a hundred years ago just for the night to find out.
When she was seven years old, she read some silly book; long since disintegrated in some garbage dump she assumes, about dreams. She remembers the cover was blue, but not much else beyond the vague lessons, so she cannot really help anyone else out when they ask her how to do some of the things that she can do, but that they cannot. "I guess mostly you have to believe you can," she shrugs.
Most everyone she speaks with says they see themselves though, j…