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Punks-Something You Forgot

Minnie was 14. She liked wearing bright red lipstick and getting high. It was two o'clock in the morning and she was still up, even though it was a Wednesday night and there would be school in the morning. She had already decided she would not go.
It was getting too hard to go.
She could not stand the hateful stares and the constant whispers.She knows the teachers are offended by the sight of her. And keeping her head down had only gotten her tripped. And spit on by fucking Melissa Walker.
Laying on her back in her bed, Minnie pounds the thin mattress with her fists. She is angry.
She was angry most of all with Tommy because he had not shown-up that night. He had not met her at the arcade and so she has smoked the whole gram of pot to herself, in her basement bedroom.
Even though he had paid for it.
It was not like her mother noticed a damn thing anymore. Locked in the spare bedroom, with her over-the-counter sleeping pills. The ones she sent Minnie to get every other day.…