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Nine Years Old

for amber harper

3:36 pm

Tommy practically ran all the way. And he practically ran fast the entire time, too. His blue shirt flapped loudly in the wind and his sneakers slapped louder yet on the sidewalks and the roads that led him home. And Tommy was excited; his smile was huge.
He still wore his shiney face, when he ran through the front doors of his house.
"Momma! Momma! I got 2 A's on my report card, Momma!"
And at first, Tommy did not notice that there was not anyone home to notice him.
But he caught on, after he took his shoes off, when he did not hear Momma answer him; even from her bedroom. He threw his report card; in its brown envelope, onto the mat, in front of the wood door. And then he punched the wall.
His knuckles did not hurt, when Tommy put back on his shoes.

Tommy's blue bike was leaning up against the yellow brick house. The rusty chain was hanging loose again, scraping at the driveway and when he bent to fix it, Tommy noticed the weeds growin…