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Sitting in the back of the car, Tommy was sad Barbara would not allow him to get a dog. He had wanted one so bad. For so many years.
The world rolled by fast, as Dave drove down country back roads and the fields of corn sure were boring for Tommy. So he asked, "Why are all of us dressed in white?"
"It's Sunday; it’s God's Day. White represents the cleanliness that He wants us to live our lives with."
"Oh," said Tommy.
"And white clothes also keep us cool on terrible days such as today," she continued, and then to her husband, Dave, "If we put the top up, we can put on the air."
Dave laughed and reached over to pat her leg, but otherwise, ignored her.
"What does the color green mean, Barbara?" Tommy had picked his nose and was looking at a booger.

It was too hot in the church, so some of the boys had brought the long wooden pews outside and set them up along the side of the church. Most churches Tommy had been to were b…

Punks-Big Mistake

Minnie was 14. She liked wearing bright red lipstick and getting high. Mostly with other people. But that had not been happening too much lately.
There is no Tommy. There is no Krystal. There is no one who wants to know her.
Except Billiy-Boy. Always fucking Billy-Boy.
And Phillip.
And Phillip is so popular. And he is so blonde and blue eyed.
He says he will talk to her in front of others--but he doesn't; at Minnie's request.
He really wants to walk her home at night.

It surprises Minnie how much you can get to know when people claim you as invisible. She hears a lot of conversations these days.
"I bought some new lipstick..."
"That Susan Howe makes me so mad..."
"I love Patrick sooo much..."
"I love the colour. It's great, right?"
"I am gonna punch her in the face, I swear."
"I just know he is going to ask meee out."
Melaine, Sandra and Nancy; smoking, in a circle of self-interest.
And she hears Phillip isn't…