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Play Out Our Lives

The yellow bike was everything. When Tommy was four years old, riding across Chapel Park, he had looked down and back, watching his training wheels cut through the grass and molding the dandelions to the earth. Tommy had felt happy, when the weeds did not pop back up.

Now Tommy was six years old and Tommy was racing himself. Up and down the sidewalk, in front of his house.
Where Momma was having the yard sale.
Tommy would switch the gears on the yellow bike often. Tommy liked doing that best. He did not understand why he could pedal backwards and the bike would still go forwards. He felt like he was from a different planet every time he switched the gears, so Tommy would pretend that his skin was green and that he had yellow eyes, to match his yellow bike. Which was really his spaceship.
Tommy was a well-liked alien on the planet Earth because Tommy The Alien could go fast.
Tommy was pedalling fast around the corner, head down, crushing down the sidewalk, up along the side of his hous…