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Love Lost Fiction

by Queenie

for Christine Smith

Chapter One
the tired spaces

He drove back to the old place again. He did not know why. He had not even noticed he was doing it, until he saw the red car parked in his space. Swearing under his breath, he went to turn his car around and drive the 35 minutes out of the suburbs and into the city. And to his new home and to his new bed.
Five hours later, he would be up and on his way back to the airport and to a long three days in Milwaukee.

She was happy in her new home. She loved the living room windows; so big. She loved the fireplace in the kitchen; so not-needed. She loved that she could sit outside her front door and see what was going on.
And she loved looking at her red car. Parked in her driveway.
And she really liked her new bed too. So, usually when he was pulling in next to her car, she never noticed.

Except this night. This rainy, spring night, when he decided not to turn his car around, but to sit in his car in front of his old…

Soul To Keep

She got herself a ride over to the next town and then she walked for the rest of the night. She walked a lot during the day too, and that next night she slept in an abandoned car, behind a gas station. The owner found her there in the morning, and gave her two cigarettes and a cup of coffee, before sending her on her way. He did not have the mind to care where she was from.
But she did.
So she walked some more.
Until she found a pay phone and she called back home; collect.
"Hi, Mom."
"Nobody is looking for you, Miranda," her mother replied, listening to her daughter sigh in relief.
"You haven't called the police?"

Miranda walked all day. She found a dollar and then a little shop that sold coffee for that much. She sat at the counter.
The man who sat beside her wore a red plaid shirt. He offered her one of his donuts. "You're too skinny," he said.
And she laughed and took the offer. "Where you headin'?"
And he replied, "Nowhere,…