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..What Are You Waiting For?

She had a real calm smile; it took its time creeping up into her eyes. And there she was looking up at me.
She was sitting, right down there on the sidewalk, up against the wall of the bank. Her hand was wrapped around a red pen; buried into a magazine.
And I was walking by her.
Her eyes were brown.
I did not smile back at her. One can never be too sure about anyone who is downtown.

A few days later; it was grey and chilly, and I saw her again. With the same simple smile; this time growing into recognition.
She stood just inside the entrance way of the video store, ducked, despite the fact she was barley five feet tall and the doorway was at least ten. Funny girl, I thought.
Her smile passed by quickly, and then she bent her head down, to the inside of another magazine. She took a long, lipstick drag off a cigarette.

"What are you doing?" she asked, when I was passing by her a day and a half later. And I stopped my step, for I was truly stumped. I looked down at my brown s…