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May Day

I wake up this morning and I sit in bed and I hope and I pray something Like this: Please, Jackie, please bring me coffee. I always want coffee, so it is never far from my mind; therefore, not an unusual thought, but my neighbour has only brought me coffee four times in eight months, so hoping she would be my supplier seemed futile. I do not want to drink that packet of instant-decaf lurking in the back of my kitchen cupboards.
I hear amazing is a word that is used wrong a lot. Apparently, things like crab apples bombing and breaking your cell phone and your sister's new hair-do are not amazing things. But whatever: when I received a text less than 15 minutes later from Jackie asking if I wanted some of her coffee because it was stunning; the best ever made pot, I thought it was amazing. And the coffee? Well, it was amazing too.
And so was the morning front porch: the sunlight. The blue sky. The trees and the leaves and what? Why would anyone care about dandelions, Jackie? It…