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To Whom This Does Concern

Your brother came to see me last night. It is funny how the years can melt one into another blurred, uneven, so long, so close. He looked the same, save longer hair. Same easy smile.
And Wendy was here. And Charlie was here. And Marty is always here.
And your brother spoke of you.
Wendy and I, our eyes locked. Duplicate worry. Duplicate pain.
But he told us it was okay, she takes care of you well. And we prayed for it.
Later on, I said to Wendy, "I think my heart stopped."
And she said to me, "I think mine did, too."
I went to bed and I cried for you. I felt I had to. Your brother said your spirits were high.
But then I wiped my eyes and I rolled myself over to love. Something you reminded me was attainable, when I had the least belief in it. I would not be where I am now, if it were not for you. I have much to thank you for.
And I will wish the best for you for Everyday.