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1000 Days

Everyday I wake-up in the same house and I see the same faces, I see the same rooms, I see the same trees in my front yard.
Everyday my shoes hit sidewalk and I travel to the same place and I see the same things. The same people.
Hey there, Steve and Tracey.
Hey there, Terri.
Hey there, other Terri.
Hi, Sara. Hi, Dakota. Hi, Austin. Hi, Tamera.
Everyday I find reasons to go into the corner store.
Everyday I find reasons to leave this place.
Everyday for 1000 days.
And now I am.
I have made it happen.
Tomorrow when I wake-up, it will not be like Everyday. Tomorrow when I wake-up, I will take down the curtains. I will unload my freezer. I will bag up the fish. I will box the cats.
And then the movers will arrive.
And not just to move me from one end of this city to the other, but to take me to a new city.
I have lived here for all of my adult life. Over one third of my entire life.
I chose this place. It is more hometown to me then where I grew-up.
And now I am leaving it.
I was so happpy an…

Hell's Edge of the Ghetto

Tommy walked along the dark side of the apartment building. He knew he could get in through the back door, but going back up to the seventh floor again just scared the shit out of him. He had tried to rob the 7-11 three times for milk. But he just couldn't do it. Now instead, Tommy was on his way to the apartment building's dumpster. Tommy wanted to kick at the dirt and the broken beer bottle glass that littered the weeds under foot, but he did not.
Tommy wanted to cry too, but he did not do that either. It was getting too late for him to be making sounds. He knew someone would likely hear him and then back to Yolanda's he would have to go.
And the sounds of the night surrounding him were loud enough, anyway, with the televisions and their broken-up voices and the mixing of music coming from bedrooms. Loud were the whirl of the fans that made Tommy notice even more the dead air, that hung humid to his skin. The crickets were calling for rain, cars were chugging and sq…