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Good Going

Ace and I mostly busied ourselves by keeping our eyes to the ground and not saying a word to each other.
While we let her fix the truck.
But I was looking her, when she jumped down from the bumper. I watched her as she wiped her hands, leaving greased-stained fingerprints against her buttocks, and I watched her as she reached high, stretched on her toes, to slam down the hood of the truck.
Behind us, the moon hung high and large and I could feel its frosty radiance on every part of me; the hair on my arms prickled up from the moon-time air. And she was cold, too. She was wrapping her arms around herself, when she turned around.
I put my eyes back to the ground and I tried shuffling my feet in the dirt, and then, so did Ace. And when I looked up at him, he was looking at me and that bastard was already grinning.
He knew how stupid the both of us looked.
"Well, which one of you is gonna get back in there and see if this fucking thing runs now?" she demanded.
And because Ace is alw…