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Punks-Not Right After The Beginning

Minnie was 14. She liked bright red lipstick and getting high.
Minnie wanted to go over to visit her best friend, Krystal, she told Tommy.
"Whatever," he said.
"You do not care if we go there?" she asked him.
"No," he said.
But he did.
Minnie wondered why.

Tommy was a teenager so he took ally ways when he could. Minnie like ally ways, too. Downtown had a few lean ones behind the old buildings built too close together.
The smell of garbage was stale and seemed to seep out of the bricks of the stores that had been there forever. Or so Minnie's mother said.
Halfway down, behind the hardware store, she bounced her hip off his, catching Tommy off guard. He stumbled, scattering stone, before he caught himself.
"Hey-" he said, looking at her.
"Wanna make-out?" she bit her lip and grinned at him.

She placed her hands on his shoulders, coming closer to his face. She looked up at him. Tommy watched her red lips part slightly and he could see the light moisture, soft, hugging her pink tongue.
He did not know what to do.
He could feel her breath, smell it and that was almost good enough. She scared him and thrilled him.
She pushed her mouth to his suddenly, hard.
He kissed her and he could hardly breathe, his hands glued to his sides, aching to grab her, to touch her. But he did not know how to.
He did not notice her hand leave his shoulder.

She touched him through his jeans.
"God," Tommy choked out. "Enough."
Minnie felt the heat between his legs, burning her fingertips. She looked up into his eyes.
"Okay," she smiled, taking a step backwards before she removed her hand.

Krystal's parents were never home.
They sat in the living room sprawled on floral furniture listening to her father's old Beatles records.
Bored. It is what they did best.
The front door opened and Krystal's little sister, came in, her blonde hair shiny and smooth.
Minnie watched her stop mid-step and look around the room.
Krystal stretched her leg out, her jeans too tight.
"Go away, Samantha," she snarled, through purple glossed lips.


ticknart said…
I never thought that Tommy would be the one to say, "Enough." I also expected him to touch her back.

Funny how you never really know the people you read about.
Mama said…
This Blog is in my Favorites folder. 'Nough said.
cbeck said…
*Trying to calm my self down* Ok, better.

"Tommy was a teenager so he took ally ways when he could."

-I love this sentence. The best one I have read in ages. It'll let me drift for daze.
Queenie said…
Thank you, cbeck.

Queenie said…
Mama, Ticknart.
I read what the both of you post. Everytime.
I think everyone else should, too.

Inanna said…
Wonderful as always Q.
Queenie said…
Thank you, Inanna.
I have had a good time reading you, latley.


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