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Punks-The Beginning


Minnie was 14. She liked bright red lipstick and getting high.
Tommy liked getting high, too.
It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was the end of the weekend and they were poor. They had walked all around the downtown and had even played teen-aged hide and seek at the public library. Stolen, secret kisses.
Tommy flipped the hair out of his eyes, looking into hers.
"Billy-Boy? Oh, do we have to go there?"
She rolled her eyes and sighed. "If you want to get high."
Tommy sighed, too. "Fine, nothing better than a day spent with..."
"Like I ever actually hang out with him. I will get us out of there quick, silly," Minnie interjected.

Billy-Boy's Mom was fat and stinking when she came to the door in her burnt yellow gown.  The tiny pink flowers enhanced her girth.  She had her brassy orange curls up in a purple hairclip.
She clapped her fat hands together once and smiled her brown grin. She shouted back into the little green house, "Billy, friends for you!"

They settled in beside a grey dumpster at a near-by apartment building. The sun radiate off the blacktop of the parking lot.  Billy-Boy pulled a joint out of his cigarette package.
"You never came back Wednesday night," he looked at Minnie.
She stretched a leg out, watching it as she brought it back up to her body.  She rested her chin on her knee and stuck out her tongue.  "Mom's are bitches."
Tommy looked at her, queerly.  They had been together Wednesday night. 
Smoking pot with Billy-Boy was never fun.  He always left the joint wet.  Minnie smiled, her eyes half-closed when she handed Tommy the joint.  She leaned forward, placing an hand on his upper thigh, letting her fingers slide up closer than she should have.  Her red lips were slightly parted and she looked in his eyes.  She had captured him.
"Billy-Boy has the most amazing comic book collection," she smiled bigger.  She did not even look over when she said, "Tell him, Billy-Boy."
Tommy did not like comic books.  He sighed.  And she just kept smiling.


The Writer said…
Very nice. Liked it greatly. I may be posting something in a day or so. I will let you know, Queenie.
Queenie said…
I will know. I check everyday.

i like it. seems like the beginning of something to me...
phoebe said…
this is fantastic, Q.
AJ said…
Something tells me that Billy-Boy double-dips the chips too...Bastard...

Inanna said…
I really enjoyed this and the previous post... always interested in knowing what is going on with Tommy.
REMwastrel said…
Nice narrative. Interesting story-telling style. Sweet characters. Minnie and Tommy, as if they too belonged in a comic book. Ergo, nice. :)

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