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Reading Grounds

I like libraries. The warm tones and the quietness and the books. I love to people-watch the kind that sits reading or studying. The best time to go to the library is at 7 p.m. But alas, I cannot go there too often. It might result in me getting a library card.
And that is some risky business.
I take out too many books. More than most people can read. More than I can read. Usually. Mostly. And I never take them back on time.
Taking out library books has other little dangers for me. I am a rough and tumble sort of girl. I like getting into things.
And that includes my books. By the end of a good read, the novel usually has coffee stains and a piece of the cover torn. Paperbacks have snapped spines. Some books visit my bath water. A book can age pretty quick being with me. Sometimes it gets really, really old.
There have been many times I have had to replace the entire price of the book to the library.
I will admit this happens if the book was really good and I just want to keep it too, though.
For these reasons libraries miss me. I have paid out so much to them, new ones have been built.
It is just cheaper for me to go to the bookstore.

So, I have a new book in my home. It is not mine.
I decided tonight to have a bubble bath and the book came with me. I stepped into the warm, foamy water and sunk in. I closed my eyes for five minutes. Then I reached for the book. I watched as my damp hands left wet splotches sinking into the black of it's hard cover.
Oh no.
This book has reminded me why I am not comfortable borrowing books from people, either.
I bit my lip. I had to make a decision.
I really want to read this book, even though it is not the type of book I would normally read. The person who owns this book is interesting enough for me to want to know why this book is so interesting to them.
I want to enjoy this book. It's bad enough I cannot dog-ear the pages.
So, I compromised.
I laid back in the water. I opened the book. I started reading. I like being able to get into things.
This is the last time I will treat it like shit.
I promise.


Esther said…
this brings back memories of overdue books and having to face the librarian! It also bring back fond memories of hours spent reading at the library. I never lend out my books *chuckle*
jakethelad said…
I have lots of my own books. Kind of a collector. I love the smell of the inside of a book but mostly I like reading them.
What if...the book in not actually owned by the person who lent it to you, but in fact borrowed from a friend...what if...this book was a gift from his mother...water damage...What is this feeling...panic...mild panic...Oh I'm laughing...nervous, I wonder if he'll be upset...did you read the inside cover? his mother wrote something...for the life of me I cannot remember what it was...I hope it's still legible...
Queenie said…
Silik said…
The best thing, I find, about a library is the smell of old books. It's hard to get that smell very many places. Book stores tend to not manage, because the books have to have aged properly before the scent can permeate the room. So I was estatic this weekend when I entered a used-book store, and the first thought I had was, "mmmmmm, library".
Queenie said…
I know a place just like that...
You have not been posting as much lately, Silik.

phoebe said…
Wow, do I relate to this. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of loading up every week at the library with more books than I could comfortably carry home and reading long after the lights had gone out throughout the house. These days I only borrow books from people as hard on them as I am --- so they can't tell the difference. I tend to lend them only to such people, too, in case the others might mistake a battered book for one I wouldn't miss if it weren't returned...
Silik said…
Yeah, life's been busy. And I've had a few good books taking up my time since I hit the used-book store! Yay!

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