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I Remember

To Whoever you are...
Wherever you are...

The Easter Egg was a beautiful navy blue with ribbons of pink, purple and yellow running through it's foil wrapper. It sat far upon my window's top ledge.
I stood on my tippy-toes, my 4 year old self reaching. I wanted to hold that egg so bad.
But I could not reach it.
Not even when I stood on my bed.
Tears streamed down my face and a fear started to tingle in my bones. It was so horrible to be so small.

I woke suddenly with the sick feeling of my heart racing.
I sat up and peeled the blankets from my warm little body. My nightgown was damp against my skin.
The bedroom was dim as the last of the day's light was being sucked behind a nighttime curtain. I could hear the soft sighs of my little brother's slumber and I looked across the room to see him curled in a ball, sucking his thumb. My own finger was wrinkled from being in my mouth.
I shuffled over to the edge of the bed and dropped down, letting my bare feet touch the cool tiled flooring. I moved close to the window to peer out.
A cool breeze washed slowly over my face, drying the wet spots my tears had left behind.
It had rained not too long before I had opened my eyes. The road was a mix of dark and light where the rain was starting to dry.
Everything was calm and it calmed me.
I could smell the lilac tree, alive and wet. I watched it quivering slightly in the breeze.
I heard the teenage girls before I saw them. There was four of them and they were riding their bikes down the quiet street.
Three rode passed my house.
One stopped. She placed one leg on the road, leaning with her hands resting on her handlebars.
She had spotted me staring out the window.
Her bike was blue and she was in a red shirt and white shorts. She was 16 years old and her blonde hair was up in a ponytail.
She looked up at me from beneath the soft glow of the street lamp.
"Can't you sleep?" she asked me.
I could hear the sound of the television in the living room. Still...
I looked at her and said nothing.
"Cat got your tongue?" Her smile was large and warm.
I looked behind me towards my closed bedroom door and then looked back at her.
She was still smiling when she brought her finger up to her lips.
I smiled back.
"Will you go back to bed if I sing you a song, then?"
I nodded.
Her voice started low, gaining confidence until it was clear, coming from deep within her chest.
Just a lullaby.
My hands gripped the window ledge and I prayed she was not loud enough for my mother to hear.
She paused when she was done, looking at me with the softest smile. "Will you sleep now?"
I nodded again, slowly.
"Go on, then," she urged me.
I raised my hand, stalling and waved a shy wave at her.
"Good night," she whispered.
I hoisted myself back into my bed, wrapping the covers around me.
I listened to the sound of her tires leaving on wet pavement until I couldn't.


Esther said…
lovely story. I'm browsing through your previous blogs and I'll definately be back when I have more time
AJ said…
I'm on my way out the door. I have a very boring two and a half hour truck drive to Chattanooga, ahead of me, to deliver the last of my daughter's belongings to her. A sad drive. But it won't be quite as sad now, because I'll be thinking of this haunting, wonderful story.

And smiling.

Thank you again Beth...
whirligirl said…
Very cool.

Today my husband Mark brought to my attention that you are my grandblogger (through Juner).

I'll bet I have a whole bunch of great-grandbloggers through you, that I don't even know about. You're such an inspiration!
Inanna said…
That is just beautiful. I'm a pen freak too!!! I love pens, especially the Pilot gel pens, in black though. Its gotta be black with a fine point, only fine. I'm salivating. Still haven't finished all of your posts but love your blog.
Queenie said…
I have this wonderful pen that writes silver. I have had it for a year and a half. I use it little because I know I will never buy another one.
I am Bic's biggest fan.
cbeck said…
You always leave me daydreaming. I bet she never forgot you either.
I am so glad you finally put this out there, And know that the offer still stands to take you back there...
phoebe said…
I LOVE this. Thanks Queenie.

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