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To Whom This May Concern

Do you know it has been a long night, certainly much later than I am used to these days, or do you sleep peacefully oblivious to this night? Here, on my house on the hill, the winds howl and the rains rage outside of my bedroom window and I stay awake, restless, yet ready. You are not so far away, surely this night is happening there too. Here I sit tapping idly at the keyboard, a new chapter beginning a few times these last few weeks, a hodge-podge of mess that I can still only understand. Or maybe you would anyway. Probably.
Today is a day I would like to buy another few books for my overflowing shelves, take a bus ride, flipping through pages, pointing things out to each other. After I sleep most of it away.
It appears now that the story was already there. Had always been here. It seems silly to look back now, to the depths of childhood and the first attempt to tell it on purple paper, and not realise. But, of course, had I realised, I would not be ending up with what will be. Ho…